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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Youth Performance

Next Level Fitness Youth Performance training is designed for youth athlete's ages 5 to 13 years old. This program is a fun, sports-specific way to improve coordination, conditioning, and speed in their sport. We use state of the art methods and equipment to increase acceleration, deceleration, and change of direction in 360 degrees of movement. Next Level Fitness knows that exercise and fitness are important for all age groups but is vital that we teach our youth about health and fitness. Fitness for youth includes resistance training (also called weight or strength training), cardiovascular training, and flexibility.  We try to make it fun and fresh for our youth clients keeping their interest and improving their health and athleticism. Every day we are bombarded by the reports that today's youth are less fit and have more body fat than their peers even ten years ago. Are these reports really true or are kids today just growing faster and larger than ever before? It is a fact that today´s youth are less fit than ever before, but, fortunately, it isn't a problem that we are doomed to accept.

Improve overall athletic ability.
- Ingrain fundamentals of speed and agility through a variety of drills.
- Open to boy/girl athletes (any age).
- 1 hour private sessions. Group sessions also available.
- Use of the latest equipment.


  • Core Building
  • Preparation Training
  • Youth Performance
  • Weight Training
Trainers: O Hoyte, Sam C., Greg L.
Video Preview: Youth-Pro-vid-21
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