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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Partner or Group Training

Our partner/group workout program are an excellent way for family, friends or teammates to work on their skills and fitness together. A strong focus is placed on improving each client skills and fitness with significant focus placed on fundamental development, timing, and repetitive techniques. In addition to one-on-one personal training, we offer group sessions that let you bring along a friend, family member, or colleague. A Personal Trainer will guide the two or more of you through a series of exercises designed to maximize personal results while demonstrating interactive workouts that you can do with your partners on your own. The best part about this method is the way it doubles your sources of motivation, so you and your workout partner can keep each other on track while receiving additional encouragement from a Personal Trainer It’s a great way to achieve your goals even faster.


  • Core Building
  • Preparation Training
  • Youth Performance
  • Weight Training
Trainers: O Hoyte, Sam C., Greg L.
Video Preview: partner-training-55
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